For centuries the raging Brazos River has cut its way through the Palo Pinto Mountains. In the 1940's the river was dammed up to form a huge lake nestled within the dramatic North Texas hill country. The natural views are absolutely spectacular! Our lake is one of the clearest lakes in all of Texas. As a result we are a favorite spot for inland scuba diving and boating. Year around activities include fishing, camping, hiking, golf, mountain bikes and horseback riding. Our lake is only a short drive from Dallas,Ft. WorthWichita Falls and Abilene, Texas.

The dam at Possum Kingdom Lake, was built across the Brazos River in Palo Pinto County in the same area where Oliver Loving lived in the 1800's (one of the characters in the movie Lonesome Dove) Rumor has it, that it took only a few months to get full, after heavy spring rains, submerged some of the equipment used to build Possum Kingdom Lake. The lake pool elevation is 1000 feet. The Dam at Possum Kingdom Lake is about 2000 feet long and as high as a 19 story building. Hydroelectric power is produced by generators that are located below the dam.

Possum Kingdom Lake covers approx. 310 miles of shoreline which includes sandy beaches, rock cliffs and mountains. McAdams Peak is the highest point in North Central Texas.There are many lakes in Texas, but none stand out quite as much asPossum Kingdom Lake. This Texas lake, which is sometimes known as “P.K.”, is a 14,400-acre lake on the Brazos River and is located mainly in Palo Pinto County Texas. Also known for its clear blue waters, this Texas lake is an amazing place to visit or to live year round. The activities that are available all seasons bring tourists and residents together. Lots of "snow birds" from around the U.S. have relocated to this area because of the year round mild climate. You could call it "The Palm Springs of the South". Truly a great escape from cold weather.

The communities at Possum Kingdom all have a different personality. Please go to our Community page for more details on all of the different options that are available here at the lake. If you are interested in Possum Kingdom real estate then you may be interested to know that there are fishing, boating, scuba diving , hiking and biking trails and all sorts of outdoor activities to keep you entertained. Two different fire works displays are hosted each year on the weekends surrounding the 4th of July holiday. One is at the historic "Hell's Gate" on the eastern side of the lake, and one at Possum Hollow on the west side of P.KPossum Hollow also has a "big name" host of musical entertainers for an outdoor concert before the fireworks show. Both shows are spectacular and a do not miss event!

There are several great restaurants around the lake that can be accessed by both land and water. Imagine boating up to your favorite restaurant on a relaxing weekend for a delicious meal with friends and family! See our Links to find out more !

Once you are settled in to Possum Kingdom, you may wish to get involved with the local community. There are plenty of ways to get involved, such as St. Peter's Church; a historical landmark property at Possum Kingdom Lake. It was originally established as a mission church by the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth in 1962. For our local residents at Possum Kingdom, St. Peter's provides a Sunday worship service and weekly Bible Study. For our weekend residents at Possum Kingdom, St. Peter's doors 
are open each Sunday for all Christian Faiths to attend.

One of the best-kept destination secrets in the country, Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas is one of the most beautiful holiday and vacation destinations for many people each year. It is so popular that more and more people are falling in love with the area and one of the best-kept destination secrets in the country,is one of the most beautiful holiday and vacation destinations for many people each year. It is so popular that more and more people are falling in love with the area and are investing in Possum Kingdom real estate. And maybe it is not so strange that they do – if you are looking for laid back family living, then few places can compare.

Possum Kingdom real estate is a great investment opportunity for many people looking for a second home. Possum Kingdom Lake has grown to become one of the most desirable second home markets in Texas,/span> and it’s not hard to see why. The lack of new builds is noticeable and the historic and relaxed lake atmosphere is what attracts many people to invest in Possum Kingdom real estate.

There are plenty of things to do on and around this Texas lake and you may find yourself wondering where to start. With camping, fishing, water sports and many more things to do, it can be a tricky decision. Because of the clear blue waters - in fact Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the clearest lakes in Texas - scuba diving and swimming are incredibly popular here.

The draw of the Texas lake activities available in this area have been a large part of the tourism industry around Possum Kingdom Lake for years, and will be for years to come. The vast array of events and attractions that are available all year round is what sets this Texas lake apart from the rest. Lake seasons are spring and summer, purely because of the nice weather, but don’t feel any pressure to choose something to do during these warm and sunny days; you may want to just relax and take in the beautiful surroundings that are breathtaking.

To learn more about Possum Kingdom Lake, or the real estate available in this area – call on me, the professional on Possum Kingdom. I would be glad to help you find your piece of "The Kingdom"!